Date : April 2, 2018

Catherine Telford-Keogh
Modern mathematics and sullied diapers was all Hal needed to formulate the abstruse and truly terrifying theological models that characterize Contemporary Life
Plexiglas Unico® Olives, Pigmented FlexFoam-iT! ® III, Yankee Candle® Home Sweet Home® Fragrance SpheresTM, Forb Flooring System Rubber, Betty Crocker® Coffee Mug, Bick’s® Dill Pickles, President’s Choice® The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hot Dog Trays 8-Pack, Smooth-Cast® 325, 326, Hair, Cardboard Valentines Cartoon Heart Hands, Miscellaneous Objects, Aluminum Drain, Inkjet Print on Transparency, Con-Tact® Brand Creative CoveringTM Self-Adhesive Shelf and Drawer Liner, Granite, Snake Plywood
12″ x 42″ x 42″
Collection of the artist