Daniel Griffin Hunt

You won't take your eyes off the game 25 euro casino bonus ohne einzahlung. Spend your time with fun! Daniel Griffin Hunt’s practice is intrinsically about relationships. He holds an MFA from the University of Guelph and a BA from the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC). He is a founding member of Y+ Contemporary in Scarborough. He is interested in the relationship objects have with each other and the relationship we (as humans) share with these objects. He is a passive observer, but a persistent one, taking the role of the listener – a position in which he both listens to and instructs materials to build systems. Sometimes, he is an active listener, taking the material intelligence of forms and helping shape them into another construction. Sometimes he is a passive listener, putting multiple elements in play and letting time and the materials do the rest. When he is actively listening, the forms are relatively straightforward in construction. Materials are stacked, sliced, stretched, pulled, hollowed out, bent, and twisted.

Lives and works in Guelph.

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Daniel Griffin Hunt, Portal II, Saran Wrap, site specific performance, 2015-ongoing

Daniel Griffin Hunt, Portal, Saran Wrap, site specific performance, 2015-ongoing